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(ガイ・フォークスが洗礼を受けた)聖ミカエルの鐘楼の教会 St. Michael le Belfrey

(ガイ・フォークスが洗礼を受けた)聖ミカエルの鐘楼の教会 St. Michael le Belfrey

St. Michael le Belfrey is a church in York, England, the United Kingdom.

St. Michael le Belfrey

St. Michael le Belfrey is a parish church of the Church of England. The present church building replaced a church dating back to at least 1294 and was built in the Gothic style from 1525 to 1537. The church is famous for being the place where Guy Fawkes was baptised in 1570. He later became a Roman Catholic and failed in the Gunpowder Plot in 1605.

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