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(中世ウィンチェスターの市門の一つ)キングス・ゲート Kingsgate

(中世ウィンチェスターの市門の一つ)キングス・ゲート Kingsgate

Kingsgate is a city gate in Winchester, England, the United Kingdom.


Kingsgate is one of 2 surviving medieval gates to the city of Winchester (the other is the Westgate). The name was first recorded in 1148. The gate is on (or near) the site of one of the Roman gates to the city and was the entrance to the royal palace. The present gate probably dates from the 14th century. Above the gate is a small church known as St. Swithun-upon-Kingsgate. The church was built in the medieval times and the first mention of the church is recorded in 1264. The church is a church of the Church of England.

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