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(不思議の国のアリスの世界)アリス・ショップ Alice’s Shop

(不思議の国のアリスの世界)アリス・ショップ Alice’s Shop

Alice’s Shop is a shop in Oxford, England, the United Kingdom.

Alice's Shop

Alice’s Shop is a treasure trove of Alice in Wonderland gifts, souvenirs and memorabilia. This small shop was a grocery shop when Christ Church College professor Charles Dodgson (the pseudonym is Lewis Carroll) wrote Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Alice in Wonderland was published in 1865 and became an instant success throughout the world (the novel is the most translated work of English literature after Shakespeare). This small shop itself was written into Through the Looking-Glass. Lewis Carroll originally wrote a story for Alice Liddell (the daughter of the Dean of the college). Therefore he often selected real scenes and characters familiar to the young Alice in his creations. One such scene was a small grocery shop housed in an old building built 500 years ago just opposite the college. She and her sisters often bought sweets here and would have visited the shop frequently with him. The shop was dubbed Alice’s Shop locally as soon as the stories became well known (even as the shop continued as a grocery shop).

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