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(見事な市場十字がある)グラストンベリー・ハイストリート Glastonbury High Street

(見事な市場十字がある)グラストンベリー・ハイストリート Glastonbury High Street

Glastonbury High Street is a street in Glastonbury, England, the United Kingdom.

Glastonbury High Street

High Street (or the High Street also High Road) is a metonym for the concept (and the street name) of the primary business street (especially shops and stalls) of towns or cities especially in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth of Nations. It is frequently preceded unofficially by the name of its settlement. High Street is the most common street name in the United Kingdom (there are 5,410 High Streets as of 2009).

The present Market Cross on Glastonbury High Street was rebuilt in 1846.