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(尖塔がそびえ立つ)トロン教会 The Tron Kirk

The Tron Kirk is a former church in Edinburgh, Scotland, the United Kingdom and is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh.

The Tron Kirk
The Tron Kirk

The Tron Kirk was built for a parish of the Church of Scotland in the mixed style of the Palladian and the Gothic elements from 1636 to 1647. The spire was destroyed by a fire in 1824 and was rebuilt in 1828. The church was closed in 1952 and was empty for over 50 years. The former church is now a small marketplace. The former church is a well-known landmark on the Royal Mile.

The Tron Kirk
A golden post box

At the back of the Tron Kirk is placed a golden post box. This golden post box is one of the post boxes which Royal Mail painted gold to celebrate gold medals at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and was painted to celebrate Sir Chris Hoy. Royal Mail proudly announced that the United Kingdom was the first country to paint post boxes gold to celebrate Olympic and Paralympic gold medal wins and that was the first occasion in modern times when Royal Mail had changed the colour of its post boxes. Red has been the standard colour for post boxes in the United Kingdom from 1874 with few exceptions.