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(ドイツ教会としても知られる)聖ゲルトルード教会 St. Gertrude’s Church

(ドイツ教会としても知られる)聖ゲルトルード教会 St. Gertrude’s Church

St. Gertrude’s Church (the German Church) is a church in Stockholm, Sweden.

St. Gertrude's Church

St. Gertrude’s Church (the German Church) is a parish church belonging to the German Saint Gertrude Parish of the Church of Sweden. The church is built in the Gothic Revival style. The church is dedicated to Gertrude of Nivelles (a patron saint of travellers). On the location for the present church a German guild of the saint was founded by German merchants in the 14th century and subsequently the headquarters of the guild was gradually rebuilt into a church around the 16th century. The brick tower and the copper covered spire were completed in 1878. The spire is 86 metres high.

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