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(ヴィリニュスの商売や催しの伝統的な中心地)ヴィリニュス市庁舎 The Vilnius Town Hall

(ヴィリニュスの商売や催しの伝統的な中心地)ヴィリニュス市庁舎 The Vilnius Town Hall

The Vilnius Town Hall is a a town hall in Vilnius, Lithuania and is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Historic Centre of Vilnius.

The Vilnius Town Hall

The Vilnius Town Hall was mentioned in records for the first time in 1432. The town hall was initially a Gothic style building and was rebuilt in the Neoclassical style in 1799.

The Town Hall Square

The Town Hall Square is a traditional centre of trade and events in Vilnius. Major annual fairs and various events including the great Christmas tree decoration are held here.