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(全てを背負って川を渡った)偉大なるクリストファー Great Kristaps

(全てを背負って川を渡った)偉大なるクリストファー Great Kristaps

Great Kristaps (Christopher) is a statue in Riga, Latvia.

Great Kristaps

The legend about Great Kristaps (Christopher) is as follows. Once upon a time a very strong man lived on the Daugava riverside and he earned his living by carrying people across the river on his back. One night he carried a boy in stormy weather. They eventually got across the river even though the boy was becoming heavier with each step strangely. The boy turned out to be a son of Christ and so the man was named Kristaps (Christopher). This legend is almost the same as the legend of St. Christopher (who is the patron saint of travellers). The reason why the boy was so heavy is Christ takes everything on his shoulders. Moreover it is said that the Latvian Christopher was awarded a heap of money and he used the money to buy all of Riga. The wooden statue of them was made around 1510 and was placed by the river. The original statue is now exhibited at a museum.

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