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(プラハ旧市街と新市街の境界)共和国広場 The Republic Square

(プラハ旧市街と新市街の境界)共和国広場 The Republic Square

The Republic Square is a square in Prague, the Czech Republic and is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Historic Centre of Prague.

The Republic Square
Municipal House

The Republic Square lies at the boundary of the Old Town and the New Town. The old town was laid out around the 9th century. The new town was founded by Charles IV (Karel I of Bohemia or Karl IV of the Holy Roman Empire) in 1348 just outside the city walls to the east and south of the old town. Historic buildings such as Municipal House and the Powder Tower stand on the square. The municipal house is a major civic landmark and concert hall known for its Art Nouveau architectural style. The Royal Court Palace used to be located on the site of the municipal house. The tower is a Gothic city gate to the old town. The route from the city gate through the old town to Prague Castle which coronation parades for successive kings used to be held along is called the Royal Route.

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