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(ウィーン最古の教会とも言われる)聖ペーター教会 The Peterskirche

(ウィーン最古の教会とも言われる)聖ペーター教会 The Peterskirche

The Peterskirche (St. Peter’s Church) is a church in Vienna, Austria and is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Historic Centre of Vienna.

The Peterskirche

The Peterskirche (St. Peter’s Church) is a parish church of the Catholic Church. The church is believed to have been established by Charlemagne (King of the Franks and also known as Charles the Great or Charles I) around 800 though there is no evidence supporting this view. The church could be the oldest church in Vienna though traditionally St. Rupert’s Church is considered to be the oldest church in the city. Anyway a church of Saint Peter in Vienna is first mentioned in 1137. The current church was completed in 1733 in the Baroque style.

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